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Any organization involved in a particular business has key trade media outlets that are followed by customers and opinion leaders in that industry. Successful placements in key trade media can sometimes be more important than attention in local media, and coverage in trade media outlets can have a significant impact on an organization’s bottom line and position in the industry.

Zeppos & Associates has assisted many organizations with successful trade media placements in a variety of industries ranging from food and beverage publications to technology and solid waste periodicals and more. The firm has placed numerous stories, guest columns, project spotlights and other features in trade publications around the country and the world. In fact, Zeppos & Associates received an award for its work in reaching out to technology trade publications to assist a client with new product launches. In addition, the firm has subscriber access to editorial calendars for thousands of consumer and trade publications, as well as for other media outlets worldwide.

Read our trade media relations case histories.

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