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Whether the unexpected just happened or an organization wants to be prepared for it, Zeppos & Associates is a recognized leader in the area of crisis communications. The firm has assisted numerous organizations facing crisis situations, ranging from product recalls and construction accidents to environmental issues and more.

When a crisis requires an organization to respond to both internal and external audiences, it is important to react properly and promptly in order to help protect the integrity of the company, the brand and its image and to preserve the company’s reputation and ability to do business. With the increasing demands from the media and its reliance on the Internet to break stories immediately, companies are required to react more quickly than in the past and, often times, are defined on how they respond during the first few hours of a crisis.

In addition, Zeppos & Associates counsels many clients prior to a crisis situation and assists with developing comprehensive crisis communications plans. The firm also trains clients on how to use the crisis plan should an emergency arise. Having a crisis plan in place is an effective tool that helps to eliminate some of the chaos created when a company faces the unexpected.

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