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Successfully working in a community and communicating with its key audiences – whether they are groups of individuals, organization leaders, neighbors or others – is often an integral part of a successful strategic public relations plan. A company’s commitment and involvement in the community can, and often times does, help it to attract and maintain quality employees, do business in the community and help the organization to reach its business objectives.

Zeppos & Associates has a great deal of experience working with organizations to help educate key community leaders, neighbors and others about developments or programs undertaken by clients. This includes publicizing new initiatives, revising existing programs, helping distribute information about community efforts and more. Zeppos & Associates has helped to build community coalitions, informed residents about new developments in their neighborhoods, organized neighbor and community meetings and more. In fact, one community relations program developed and implemented by Zeppos & Associates resulted in a national award for its effectiveness.

Read our community relations case histories.

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