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Case Histories


Alexian Village

When a group of business leaders on Milwaukee's far northwest side wanted to announce the formation of the Historic Granville Corporation, it called upon Zeppos & Associates to develop and carry out a strategic communications plan to inform the community, local leaders, elected officials and others about the creation of the new organization. The firm's strategy was to create awareness of the organization and its renaming of Milwaukee's far northwest side as Historic Granville. The plan included developing a newsletter that was sent to neighbors in the area, coordinating media relations around the new organization, establishing contact with local elected officials and more. In addition, Zeppos & Associates coordinated a news conference around a new neighborhood mortgage initiative and met with elected officials to brief them on the progress and benefits of the effort. This event included the local congressman, the mayor, various federal, county and state officials and other community leaders.

Click here to view a summary report/newsletter about Historic Granville.

Manitowoc Public Utilities

When Wisconsin's Manitowoc Public Utilities developed plans for an addition to its largest plant, it turned to Zeppos & Associates to create a strategy to inform the public and gain support from its customers, the community and government officials. Efforts included drafting letters to area businesses, company employees, local residents and community leaders, developing key messages and answers to tough questions from the media and organizing news releases publicizing upcoming community meetings. The approach emphasized the company's willingness to answer questions and its obligation to address inquiries. Efforts resulted in keeping the community, employees and government officials informed of the addition, its benefits and costs and an increase in public approval. The expansion plan was approved by the Manitowoc City Council and is currently being considered by the Department of Natural Resources and the Public Service Commission.

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