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Case Histories


Miller Park – Crane Collapse

Zeppos & Associates worked with the Southeast Wisconsin Professional Baseball Park District throughout the entire construction of Miller Park.
Zeppos & Associates fielded hundreds of media calls and helped to manage the situation when the Big Blue crane tragically collapsed.
When one of the world's largest cranes collapsed at the construction site of Miller Park, three workers were killed, the structure was heavily damaged and the people of Milwaukee and Wisconsin were left in a state of shock. The future ballpark became the focus of intense media attention from around the world, and Zeppos & Associates immediately joined officials at the scene - as well as fielded hundreds of media calls at the firm's office - to help manage the situation. Working with the Stadium Board, the baseball team, law enforcement, government officials and construction workers, Zeppos & Associates gathered facts and quickly centralized the information flow, providing on-scene media with frequent news updates and responding to other media inquiries by telephone.

After the immediate crisis, the firm also coordinated the Stadium Board's ongoing communication with the media and general public about the status of the construction project, the investigation into the cause of the accident and measures taken to ensure worker safety following the tragedy. Work quickly resumed at the construction site and today, even after the opening of Miller Park, the Stadium Board continues to receive high praise for its honesty and openness with the media and the public during an extremely difficult time. Zeppos & Associates continues to work with the Stadium Board.

Crisis Plans

When organizations decide they want to be proactive instead of just reacting to a crisis, many have called upon Zeppos & Associates to create a crisis communications plan. In addition to assisting clients with crisis situations that are taking place, we encourage our clients to be prepared and ready to respond to any situation by having a plan of action in place before a crisis arises.

Zeppos & Associates has worked with a variety of clients to develop crisis communications plans. Some of the organizations include Onyx North America, Eaton, Masters Gallery Foods, the Bradley Center and many others. Each plan is customized for the organization with sample scenarios, tips for handling a crisis, phone call trees and more. In addition to creating the plans, Zeppos & Associates oftentimes holds training sessions for clients to teach them how to best utilize the plan.

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